Standard – FCI N° 205 CHOW-CHOW

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Standard – FCI N° 205

TRANSLATION : Bridget Nestler / / Original Version : (IN)
Technical Supervision : Miguel Angel Martínez

©M.Davidson, illustr. NKU Picture Library

This illustration does not necessarily show the perfect example of the breed.


ORIGIN : China.



USE : And Companion Dog Guard.

CLASSIFICATION FCI : Group 5 Spitz and primitive type.
Section 5 Asian Spitz and races
Without working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The origin of the Chow is attributed to China where it was used as a guard dog and for hunting. The Chow is known in China for approximately 2000 years and is related to the Nordic Spitz dogs that go with some mastiff. Due to China's policy of "closed doors" with the outside world, Chow recently began appearing in other countries around the 1800. He made his way to England sometime towards the end of the century 18 and was not really known in Britain until 1920 exhibited at Cruft a quantity 1925.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : He is an active dog, compact, with short loin and essentially well balanced. From leonine, proud with a decent sized; well structured; tail carried well over back. You should always be able to move freely and must not have much hair preventing him from performing any activity or cause distress in hot weather. A black BT is your property.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The distance from the withers to the elbow is equal to the distance from the elbow to the floor.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR : It is a quiet dog, good guardian. Voluntary, fell, however reserved.

Skull : Flat, broad
Stop : No pronounced.

Truffle : Large and wide in all cases, color black (dogs except almost white cream, in whom truffle allows lighter color; in blue or fawn truffle coat color is accepted). The black should be preferred in all cases.
Snout : Moderate length, broad from eyes to end (not pointed at end like a fox).
Lips : Boca solid black including the palate and the lips, ideally with the blue-black tongue. Anyway, any solution can be demonstrated on the palate of blues and tawny and this may be more pronounced in creams and whites.
Jaws / Teeth : Teeth strong and level; powerful jaws with perfect scissor bite, regular and complete, namely, the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes : Dark, ovalados, medium-sized and clean. A color for the coat in blue and fawn allowed. Clear eyes, without entropion; never being penalized for the size.
Ears : Small, thick, slightly rounded at the tip; leads perfectly rigid and upright; its implementation is quite separate from one another; are tilted forward over eyes and slightly together, giving rise to the peculiar expression frown, characteristic of this breed. Never frown must be obtained by loose wrinkled skin.

NECK : Robust and full, not short, set well on shoulders and slightly arched.
Long enough for a proud carriage of the head on the top line.

Back : Cutting, straight and strong.
Back : Powerful.
Chest : Broad and deep. Ribs well sprung but not barreled.

COLA : High set, carried well over back.


Shoulders : Muscular and sloping.
Elbows: Equidistant between the cross and the floor.
Forearm: Perfectly right, good bone.
Front feet: Small, round, Similar to cat walk, stand solidly on fingers.

Hindquarters :
General Appearance: Profile, the foot should be directly under the hip joint.
Thigh: Well developed.
Knee: Only levemente inclinada.
Leg: Well developed.
Metatarsus : Hocks well let down. The hock should never bend forward.
Hind feet: Small, round, Similar to cat walk, stand solidly on fingers.

MOVEMENT : Relatively short steps without raising the rear feet, -look touch the floor resulting in a pendulum-like movement in profile. His signature move of short steps allowed to move freely, should never be heavy and must have excellent resistance. The fore and hind legs move parallel to each other and are directed straight forward.
Dogs should always be able to move freely and properly without any sign of failure.

By the: It can be long or short.
• Largo : Profuse, abundant, dense, straight and separated but not too long. The outer coat is rough with a soft undercoat. Around the neck is especially thick, forming a mane or necklace and nice pants in the back of the thighs.
• Corto : Short coat, dense, straight, separate, not smooth with a velvety texture.
Any artificial shortening of the coat which alters the natural outline or expression should be penalized except in the feet that can be prolijados.

COLOR : Unicolor black, red, blue, tawny, crema o blanco, the tinted menudo, but no stains or paint. The bottom of the tail and back of thighs frequently have a lighter shade.

Wither height : Machos 48 a 56 cm.
Females 46 a 51 cm.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which considers the degree of deviation from the standard and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

• Perro aggressive the fearful.
• Any dog ​​clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified.

NOTE : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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